The next 30 -40 days are quite memorable for Rick and I. Not only are we going on an all-expenses paid trip to Israel to shoot a couple of documentaries, but both of us are turning ….. gulp….get ready…..60! Yes, SIXTY Years old!

I don’t know why we have to keep evolving this way. I was quite comfortable being young, and I did it very well! Why is it that I always say I like change? That’s a mistake! The strange thing is, I don’t feel 60, (although I am not sure how I am supposed to feel….) I actually still feel 17!  A few weeks ago I reached out and stroked Rick’s face, telling him how much I loved him. Suddenly I said, “Wow! That was the voice and heart of a 17 year old, but the hand of an old lady!”  How did that happen?

On Saturday night our kids planned and executed a Happy 60th Birthday party for Rick and I. We all dressed like the 60s….Peace Signs, Flower Children, Head bands, white socks! What a hoot! Mylina (our middle child and only daughter) got stuck with most of the work as Billy is in Florida and Eric has been preoccupied camping out at a Charter school for his 4-year old. She did a wonderful job!  About 60 people came to wish us a happy day! We had food, a band, cake (of course!) and a lot of fun reminiscing! My sisters Vicky and Mary Jo were there, as well as aunts, cousins, and friends! Rick’s sister Nancy and husband Chris, and brother John with wife Nancy, were there–just too many to mention! But we appreciated it all!

When we left after a full evening of fun, I was commenting to Mary Jo about how blessed we are to have such great friends and family. I said that to have a handful of friends is an incredible thing.  She said, The true measure of our worth is not in the people we call friends, but in the number of people who call us friends!  I love that!! Rick and I are truly blessed beyond measure!

I saw an awesome quote this morning which said  “The first half of life is a quest for success, the second is a quest for significance.”  It is so true. We want to make a difference in this world. We want to have an impact on our children, our grandchildren, our church and our friends. Life is too short to waste it on insignificant things (and people!). For us, we are on that journey–and to all our FRIENDS and FAMILY–thanks for coming along for the ride!

60s, Peace Dude, Party Down

Patti, Rick and Emery pose for our 60th birthday party.


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