According to the Mayans something catastrophic is going to happen on Dec. 21, 2012. Not really believing that we are all doomed on that day, I will say thinking about it has caused me to pause.  What if they are correct? What if we are all on a fast moving train to eternity? What if we all only have 30 days before the end of time?

Time to ask some pretty weighty questions: What would you do with your last 30 days? How would you spend your time? Who would you contact, talk to or love? And if the end is in sight, does your relationship with your God ensure your survival in the next life?

The “Preppers” have been getting ready for this event.  The predictions say the planets will align and something WILL happen. No one knows for certain and the thoughts range from a polar shift (one of the most popular theories) to a major nuclear event or the 2nd coming of Christ. Since many believe the events will change the face of the world as we know it, ideas have surfaced from the power grid going down (Revolution) to Armageddon. Regardless of what we think may happen, preparedness is essential. Whether for our physical survival or our spiritual survival, being prepared is a good thing.

Maybe it is time to take stock. The world is a changing place. Wars are raging, the economy is collapsing, disease is rampant. Sounds like a “woe is me” scenario. But wait! Could this be a good thing? A time to cleanse our physical needs and begin relying on the God who created us? Maybe it’s time to play “let’s pretend….” No more electricity, no endless supply of food, no government handouts, no gas stations, mass transit or quick trips around the world.

Maybe it is time to be independent, begin to make it on our own, learn to walk a little farther, garden, cook, survive…when was the last time you made it through a day without jumping in your car and grabbing a few things at the store or the drive through. Imagine cooking your own food that you grew…no more computers…so on that note,I’m going to just play pretend for a while as I shut down the computer and go take a hot shower–before the power goes out!



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