We have been home from Israel a full month.  Before our trip I was certain I would be able to blog daily and keep my friends and family informed about what was happening. But we had log-in issues, computer problems and poor connections. No blogs were created while we were in Israel.

Upon our return, I was anxious to write about our trip. We took about 2000 photos, marked them day-by-day so that we could identify them and have a concise way to share our trip. We returned home on December 5th, completely exhausted and, for lack of a better word, “spent.”   The day-to-day pre-Christmas activities took over and then another trip to visit our family out-of-state. Each time I started to write, I found myself unable to do so. to say I was overwhelmed would be an improper definition;  it has been more like an overload on sensory experiences!

It is now January 6th.  It is time to start my Israel blog.  Stay tuned and check back. My Israel blog starts tomorrow.


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