I suppose that each of us look at Easter through different eyes. From a child’s perspective, it is all about candy and bunnies; to a teenager it is about new clothes and must-attend family dinners; to an adult, it’s about how to fill the baskets with the least amount of sugar and the least amount of work and money; to a grand parent it is all about family dinners and spending time together.  Now of course, each of us probably have a mixture of all these things in mind when we think of Easter. I will admit, I truly enjoy black jelly bean eggs and Papa’s Opera Cream eggs.

It is so easy to be caught up in the world of activities, egg hunts, Easter baskets, and candy that we forget the meaning of Easter is all about the Cross.  Christ came to this earth, God transformed into Man, walked in our shoes, felt our pain, submitted Himself to His Father and gave Himself up to be crucified.  (There are other “prophets” who did the same.)  But what made His death supernatural was the fact that three days later HE rose from the grave!  He was Resurrected, as we will be, when we join Him for all eternity! (This is the place where you can shout Hallelujah! or Praise the Lord!) That split second where He went from death to life is what makes Him our Savior.

Over the next two weeks there will be many songs celebrating Easter. Songs which portray the feelings, the emotions, the convictions, the celebration, the passion, the promise–songs which are heart-felt and humbling. But our “song of the cross” should be the one that we share with everyone we know: Christ is Alive! And because HE lives–so will each of us who believe in Him as our Savior!

So while munching on peanut butter eggs or enjoying a family get together, try to squeeze in a visit to your local  church or parish where you can sing along with others the true reason we celebrate.  Make Christ your song of the cross…..Image


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