It still seems like a dream that we actually walked on streets in Jerusalem, Israel where Christ walked… Well, probably not the SAME streets, but in the same general area.  We visited the Garden Tomb and it was very moving and emotional, just imagining that Christ could have prayed there, been buried there and rose from the grave in that location still gives me chills.

Of course no one knows the actual spot where all of the activities happened.  Some say it was in the location of the Church of the Holy Sepulchral, where traditional Catholics and Protestants alike come to view this centuries old church with artifacts dating back to Christ’s time on the earth.  The Garden Tomb is out of the way and at the edge of the city, also offering dated and historical reasons why it could have been in that location. Since no dead are permitted to be buried within the city walls, to me, the Garden Tomb seems more plausible. But I remind myself that if God/Christ had wanted us to know exactly where it all happened, we would know…

The importance of the crucifixion was not that Christ was, indeed crucified–the importance was not where he was buried, the thing which makes Him our Lord and Savior is that He rose again!  Christ IS God–and only God has the power to live again, saving us from our sins.

The Tomb is empty!

The Tomb is empty!

Have a joyous and blessed Easter!


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