Every year our now scattered family, tries to get together for our annual “family picture.”  We have done them in the basement with studio lights and on the banks of Dale Hollow Lake. Last year we were all together for a family wedding, and this year we were at our daughter-in-law Jill’s parent’s 50th Anniversary.  

We get lots of comments about our family picture and “quality family time,” but I know that each of those commenting actually LOVE the time we spend together and want to be with us all.  There is just something incredible about the love and respect we have for one another.  I cannot explain the family feeling we all share.  When each of our children got married, we added new members to our family, and now have three adorable grand kids in the mix as well as two step-grand kids and two step-great-grand kids!  I hope the additions never stop!  

When I look at old family photos from either side of the family, I see faces that I never knew; I have no names of who they were, or addresses of where they lived…but I know that their blood is running somewhere in my veins.

Our newest family photo is one of the best ever (of course I say that every year!). We are all smiling, all happy and all enjoying the celebration.  There is just something wonderful about “family time.”Image


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