On Friday’s I haven’t worked for the last nine years, ever since the birth of our first grand child, Sierra. I’ve always taken off work and spent the day “baby-sitting” with our grand children–first Sierra, then Parker, then along came Emery.  Now Emery is entering kindergarten this week!  Does that mean I have to work on Friday?

Many of our Friday’s are spent with me, Emery, Auntie Mylina and my mom, Emery’s GG (great-grandmother). So Friday we took a picnic to the park to celebrate (grieve?) Emery going off to school.  It was a glorious day, with lots of sunshine, a nice breeze blowing the trees and beautiful park atmosphere.  We have been to this park many times in the past, but this day was extra special — just because.  

We have had a below normal temperature summer with above average rainfall, so there have not been many of these wonderful days.  We sat down for our lunch after spreading our tablecloth out, getting our Subway sandwiches and soft drinks, and Emery generally asks to say “grace”, but on this occasion, she let me do the praying.  it is always such a honor to be able to pray for and with our family, even if only at meals. But in looking back, there were four generations around the picnic table–all bowing to the ONE KING that we adore.  

Four generations of one family–that means we are carrying on the, for lack of a more appropriate word, “tradition” of knowing our God, our Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I’ve always heard that if one generation knows God, the next will begin to fall away, the third will not know Christ and the fourth generation is judged.  I praise our Lord that each of our generations represented know the Lord and are sharing the Word, sharing the Love and sharing the Light of our Savior.

While summer will soon pass away, Emery’s Pre-school days are over, and daughter is planning a move out of state, and my mom continues to age (although I am staying the same), I know that all of this is part of our Passage of Time and Life cycle….bittersweet.  But for that day, on that last Friday before Emery goes to school, it was a beautiful, wonderful, glorious day in the Sun and one that will go down in my memory as such.

I think I need more of these special days.Image


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