Everyone is talking about the 9-11 terrorist attack today. I am sure we can all give our recollections of where we were, what we were doing, how we felt. I know I can. I am certain there were no more than a handful of events in the history of the United States which made us feel the way that attack made us feel. Yet here we are, some 12 years later, and what have we learned from it?

Have we learned that we must protect our selves both inside of our borders as well as outside?

Have we learned that we can’t trust everyone, no matter how much we want to do so?

Have we learned that being cautious is not the same as being racist or bigoted?

Have we learned that self-sufficiency is a necessity in this era of our country?

Have we learned that everyone who calls themselves our friends, aren’t really our friends?

Have we learned that getting involved in other nation’s problems creates problems of our own?

Have we learned that standing up for nothing is the same as standing for everything?

Have we learned that moral convictions are not the same as moral actions?

Have we learned that lives lost in peril are the same as lives lost in battle?

Have we learned that trying to become friends with our enemies doesn’t make them less of an enemy?

Have we learned that foolish ideas of the minority can lead us into troubled waters when the majority does nothing?

Have we learned that home-grown terrorists are just as much of a threat as those overseas?

Have we learned we all need to protect our individual families in whatever way we can?

Have we learned that the actions of 9-11 can be repeated in the blink of an eye?

Have we learned that taking our shoes off at the airport doesn’t really protect us?

Have we learned who will really stand up for the United States is ONLY the United States?

While we may have vivid memories of the attack of 9-11, unless we learn from it, it wasn’t really a lesson…it was a tragic event.

Wake up America! It’s time we managed our own country with as much common sense as we manage our homes before it is too late to learn from the past.

Twin towers on fire.

Twin towers on fire.


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