A major move and remodel in the middle of a global pandemic made us appreciate the new “Lake Life”

In 1954 my grandparents and parents built a “cabin” on Lake Williamstown, KY.  I was a “lake kid” for many years. My two-year old handprints were in the front steps of the cabin.  We spent most weekends and many vacation weeks there until I was a teenager when my parents stopped going as my grandparents aged.

When we got married, Rick and I took over the cabin, bringing our own friends and eventually our children to the cabin. Again, weekends and vacations were spent there. But everything changes over time and my grandparents decided to sell the cabin (much to my dismay!) So lake life changed, but never stopped.  We began traveling to Dale Hollow Lake when our now 42-year-old son was five months old.

We have continued that tradition annually, renting cabins on occasion, but mostly spending a week or two on houseboats from the various marinas around the lake. We have switched back and forth to Cumberland, but Dale Hollow has always been “our spot” if only for a week or two each summer.

And now we have our own home here at Lake Lorelei.  As Rick fondly calls it our tiny house money pit.  Lake life is back and for the first time, full time.  We passed the one-year mark as residents in June and this anniversary of sort, has caused me to pause and reflect about what has changed from when I was a kid…

The draw of the water is still the same. Riding along in a boat and checking out the houses, the landscape, the fun and activities that make it so appealing to so many, stills my soul.  Watching kids play and splash, or just sitting on a dock kicking their feet, brings back so many memories. 

Most of the lakers at Williamstown were part-timers. Every weekend, like us, they would load their cars and trucks with supplies and coolers and head out. If they forgot anything, there was always a neighbor close by that had what they needed, and a store could be found about the same distance as Fayetteville is to Lake Lorelei.

Skiers swarmed and there were no “lake rules.” No speed limit; no maximum number of skiers behind each boat; no life jackets required. My dad and his best friend at the lake put a wooden step stool on a 5’ round plywood circle and rode it as far as they could before falling off in hysterical laughter. No neighbors complained about loud music or too many people in a cove, as most coves were packed every weekend. Oh, the stories I could tell from the eyes of a child!

What has changed over the last umpteen years? People. People have changed. The way people respond to the situations has changed.  Maybe not on the lake, (although I have seen people chastised for exceeding the speed limit or causing wakes in no-wake zones) but in general.  People are different. They are more uptight, angry, hurried, discouraged, worried. I am sure we could all list the ways “people” in general now respond to challenges life throws our way. 

Here on the lake, life goes on…fishing tournaments on Tuesday; pulling our grands on the tube and enjoying the beach; watching the deer in the evening; enjoying the hummingbirds at my feeder.   The draw of the water is still the same. Riding along in a boat and checking out the houses, the landscape, the fun and activities that make it so appealing to so many…even today it stills my soul. 

Happy first anniversary!


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