Even though the calendar doesn’t verify it, the weather does—winter has arrived on the Western Slope.  Last night the winds came in like a lion, roaring down the side of the mountain and slamming into our yurt. What seemed like forever, it was actually about three hours of constant blowing rain, then ice then snow.

Thinking we would wake up to several inches, we only got about two inches of snow, over top of a thin layer of ice.  The first snow! How beautiful.

There is something about the snow that takes my breath away! Maybe the way it blankets the earth in complete silence. It seems that even the birds stop chirping and the branches stop rustling—the sound of silence is calming and peaceful.

While it only lasts for a few hours, until people are up and about their daily lives as if it is no different than any other day, those couple of hours are memorable. Each year (even in Ohio) I keep a calendar of each of the snows for the year.  I was once told that the date that the first measurable snow arrives, is the number of snows we will get for the winter. (I cannot verify that fact, but still keep record the snowfalls).  Since this was the 26th of the month- wow!  I think we are in for a snowy season. Maybe that is to be expected in Colorado.

Last winter we purchased our property here in December, celebrating our Christmas in Hotchkiss and got snowed in for a few extra days. After returning home, we began watching the weather and comparing Cincinnati and Cedaredge to see the difference in temperatures and precipitation.   It was similar on both sides of the country. 

Snowy mornings remind me of a clean slate, an empty page in my planner; nothing has been written in the snow, nothing to change the look of it, nothing to dirty up the day. And if we are lucky enough to have a good ground covering, we might (send the kids out) make snow angels in the fluffy, white powder.

Snowy mornings remind me of a clean slate, an empty page in my planner; nothing has been written in the snow, nothing to change the look of it, nothing to dirty up the day.

After relocating in June, we have been busy building-first our yurt and now the house that will eventually be our permanent residence. Summer rushed by with few breaks for relaxation. But being on the side of the Mesa, we have taken several trips to the top of the mountain, just to look down and see the countryside.  Colorado is such a beautiful place! Each day offers a different view of clouds, sunshine, colorful sunsets and clear or hazy views of the surroundings.

And now that winter has unofficially arrived, it offers new sights, new temperatures, new experiences for our family.  Not knowing exactly what to expect this season, I am thankful for Mail deliverers, Amazon, UPS and Fed Ex drivers who snub their noses at the weather and plow through. More than that, I am thankful for the ability to enjoy what lies before us: wind, rain, snow or ice, our first winter in Colorado will be full of memories. I am certain that some days will be filled with clouds. And I am equally certain that others will be full of sunshine. 

I plan to start each day as if the earth is covered in snow: clean, silent, and ready to begin again.


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